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Sitecore is a global leader in digital experience management software and is constantly evolving. The question now is, what’s new in Sitecore for 2019? Certainly, there is not a complete answer for th more

The official language of Qatar is Arabic, but because of the increasing number of expatriates who have settled in Doha, Qataris make up less than 15% of the total population, which currently stands at more

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The Chinese language is considered one of the most difficult and complicated languages to master as it is a collection of various languages and dialects that are significantly different from one anoth more

“A translation agency is much like a symphony orchestra. The orchestra composing and playing engaging in creative mused. The translation agency composing and publishing engaging in creative multilingual comes.”

“Trying to launch a multilingual website in order to expand the markets for your products and services or trying to increase your company’s global operation efficiences by developing multilingual extranets and intranets?”

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