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Globalization Partners International FZ-LLC provides an array of translation services helping companies communicate with the world. Serving as the company’s Middle East and Africa (MEA) headquarters, GPI’s Dubai translation offices support clients in the United Arab Emirates, greater GCC and African regions. Providing a range of translation services through offices in Dubai Media City and Dubai Creative Zone, GPI provides ISO-certified translation services in over 100 languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swahili, to name a few.

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A cozy coffee break – that’s what ‘fika’ means to Swedes. Many people love coffee. In fact, many would say that coffee is essential to their daily routines. And coffee is a central part of the Swedish custom known as fika. But Fika is much more than just a coffee break – it’s a cultural […] The post All You Need to Know About the Fika Tradition in Sweden appeared first on Globalization Partners International. more

Located in the northernmost corner of Europe, Norway’s picturesque beauty has captivated travelers for centuries. Home to awe-inspiring mountains, serene lakes, and dramatic fjords cradling over 50,000 islands along its coastline – it is easy to see why this country remains such a popular destination worldwide. Its stunning landscape holds only part of what makes […] The post Norway Culture, Customs and Traditions appeared first on Globalization Partners International. more

As a localization project manager, we are no strangers to this question. The simple answer is no. Although we understand that time is precious and a quick turnaround is one of the main goals of a client, we do not recommend rushing localization projects. There are certain aspects a client should look at beyond simply […] The post Should You Rush Translation Projects? appeared first on Globalization Partners International. more

“A translation agency is much like a symphony orchestra. The orchestra composing and playing engaging in creative mused. The translation agency composing and publishing engaging in creative multilingual comes.”

“Trying to launch a multilingual website in order to expand the markets for your products and services or trying to increase your company’s global operation efficiences by developing multilingual extranets and intranets?”


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