GPI offers comprehensive multimedia translation services. With recording and production capabilities in a variety of languages, GPI helps clients who require multilingual presentations, training and e-learning content, product and service demos, games, corporate promotional videos or any combination of text, audio and video content localized into different languages.

GPI can work with end clients and/or interactive agencies that produce English-language multimedia and supply full recording, editing and production services, or just script translation and native speaking voice talent for recording.

Audio/Video Localization Benefits:

  •  Design and development using digital audio, imaging and video tools
  •  Recruitment, screening and booking of native-speaking voice talent in a variety of languages
  •  Transcription
  •  Recording for audio and video talent (voice-over and narration)
  •  Digitization of all multimedia assets
  •  Subtitling and Closed Captioning
  •  Remote sound recording and voice-over (ISDN streaming audio)
  •  Comprehensive multimedia authoring

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