Launching a multilingual website and need search engine optimization services, or conducting an email marketing or pay-per-click campaign in several countries and need copy and keyword localization or country-specific campaign management? GPI can help.

Search Engine Optimization for multilingual websites or for specific locales (country + language + variant UI preferences) goes beyond the process of translating keywords into a target language. Today companies need to holistically work with a combination of owned, earned and bought digital media in order to drive traffic to new language version websites. Localization of any media requires in-country native speaking professionals to copywrite and localize content in order to truly engage potential customers. Whether you work with a traditional digital marketing agency, or you are one, GPI’s global digital marketing team can serve as an extension of your in-house digital marketing department to help you deliver your message around the globe.

Global Digital Marketing Benefits:

    •  Content creation and localization for blogs, PPC ads, SEO keyword lists, etc.
    •  In-country native speakers with Search Engine Optimization expertise
    •  Multilingual Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign content localization and management
    •  Website localization workflows under numerous Web CMS publishing scenarios
    •  Global Inbound Marketing expertise to help localize web content, CTAs, landing pages, eBooks and multilingual email outreach

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