Website localization services (also called “website translation services”) are a must for companies that want to expand the markets for their products and services by publishing their website in several languages. GPI helps clients produce accurate, culturally appropriate, search engine optimized content for their multi-language websites. Whether you use standard website publishing tools and workflows or have the latest, enterprise wide web content management system, GPI works with your in house web team or your external agency to author and publish websites in any language and for any locale.

Website Localization Benefits:

    •  Completed by native speaking translators and copywriters with subject matter expertise
    •  Localization of all website components including copy, graphics and multimedia
    •  Consistency and cost savings through Translation Memory usage
    •  Website localization workflows under numerous Web CMS publishing scenarios
    •  Online QA and web testing as required by our clients
    •  Client review and approval opportunities at key stages in the process

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